1.                            Wear goggles

2.                            Tie hair back

3.                            No open toe shoes

4.                            Hot glass stays hot

5.                            Read instructions carefully

6.                            No horse play

7.                            Ask questions when unsure

8.                            Never use broken glassware

9.                            Donít reach over open flames

10.                      Clean up spills promptly and notify teacher

11.                      No eating or drinking in lab

12.                      Read labels twice

13.                      How & when do you use the fire extinguisher?

14.                      How & when do you use the eye wash station?

15.                      How & when do you use the fire blanket?

16.                      How & when do you use the safety shower?

17.                      Do not enter the stock room

18.                      Do not taste chemicals

19.                      Do not work alone in the lab

20.                      Follow directions the first time they are given

21.                      Wash hands before leaving labs

22.                      No not smell chemicals directly Ė waft chemical gently

23.                      Do not remove chemicals from the lab

24.                      Remove jewelry prior to labs

25.                      No loose fitting clothing during labs

26.                      Report broken glassware to your teacher

27.                      Do not heat a closed container

28.                      Wipe down your lab bench before and after use

29.                      Treat all chemicals as dangerous

30.                      Know and follow the safety symbols

31.                      Keep Bunsen burner flame low

32.                      Call 1164 (Nurse) for medical emergencies

33.                      Keep noxious chemicals in the hood

34.                      Always add acid to water

35.                      No unauthorized experiments

36.                      Do not point open test tubes at anyone