Date Homework for the night
Final Exam Review Resources Sample Test Questions Online (See chapters 10-15, & 18)
May 29th | Beetle Arms Itself With Chemically Charged Glands
Darwin's 'Mouthful' of Evolution

Extra-Large Toad
Extra-Large Toad Captured


Five Things Humans No Longer Need


May 28th, 2008

Musings Inspired By a Quagga by Olivia Judson- Reading with question sheet
April/May Assignments [CH 13 DNA Technology Wkst 1 + 2]
May 2008 Peppered Moth Activity for Ms. Reed's students eChalk version of the Peppered Moth Simulation
March 2008 Name that Gene activity | Open the data page to type in your data as you go.
January 2008  Midterm Review Resources

[ Sample Midterm Examkey ]

B-period Exam scheduled for Thursday January 24th at 7:45-10:05 am
Tuesday Sept 11th Review Wkst for Section 2.1 (start in class, finish for HW)
Monday Sept 10th Read p. 32-45 in Glencoe BIOLOGY: Dynamics of Life
Answer p. 45 [1-5] And define the new vocabulary on p.35
includes the following terms:
[ecology, biosphere, abiotic factor, biotic factor, population, biological community, ecosystem, habitat, niche, symbiosis, commensalism, mutualism, parasitism]
Friday Sept 7th Simpsons Worksheet on Experimental Design
Thursday Sept 8th [Double Lab] Thumb Wrestling Lab with Excel Data
Thursday August 30th 2007

HW for For the Safety tutorial, here's the link to it, and be sure to take the quiz and print out your certificate! NOTE! When you get into the quiz at first, just be sure to click SKIP LOGIN, and just take the quiz. Once you pass it will let you print a certificate and put you name AFTER PASSING ALL 10 Questions! Good Luck!

HW for the weekend (8-31-07)- Pick one of the safety ideas from the list, and make a poster or sheet illustrating the need for this particular safety tip. Have fun with it!



Later in the year....

For our genetics labs you will want to check out the following two websites:

CUNY Brooklyn pea plant Mendelian Genetics | accompanying WebLab sheet Mouse Genetics | accompanying WebSheet


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