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HEY....I'm not teaching Chem this year (2005-6), but I'm leaving this site to age like a fine fermented beverage for your enjoyment. Students and teachers alike are welcome to go to the calendar and look at old files. You can also check out my old school, Newton North High School, as they still have the tigerscience chem page of old up and online.

I also have an old Biology page kicking around. Want to see what is doesn't have?

Were you looking for the mole song? Well click here to download the mp3 to listen to on repeat!

To find assignments you will want to click on the calendar link at the left hand side. This will whisk you away to a somewhat organized list of what you've seen in class and what to expect in the future. This calendar page will be the place you will routinely find yourself checking into to retrieve notes, assignments, and documents you may have missed or misplaced from class. Currently the third marking period is posted for your review. Don't think the only time to use this resource is on the last day of the term when you finally realize you are missing half of your work. 

The link to the Virtual Lab is now live and content is slowly and methodically being added. I ask any one of my chemistry students who finds an interesting link in their travels that we could include in the virtlab to email or present it in class for all of us to view. Go ahead and check out what we've added thus far.

Powerpoint lectures are online for those of you who like to see every written word. This is also a perfect opportunity for students to review a lecture before or after it is given, or in the event you are absent and have missed class.

I have most documents in Adobe Acrobat format for viewing on all types of computers. This portable Document Format (PDF) is viewable using the Acrobat Reader program that you can download for free from the Adobe website. For more information on how to use the program click here.

Let me know how I can make things easier for you and your classmates to use on the website. I appreciate your comments, suggestions, and most of all your constructive criticism.

Any students interested in working on some nice graphics, animations, and chemistry simulations (shockwave or java) should let me know. I'd always like to include work from our class to the website to help explain concepts better and make things look nice. In my mind I have an image of a huge green wave engulfing the Schemm*Chem title. That's enough for now though.


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