REVISED:  February 2003



1.        Great attendance and punctuality.

2.        You are absent too often.

3.        You are frequently tardy.

4.        You are medically excused.



5.        Your grade is approximately A.

6.        Your grade is approximately A-.

7.        Your grade is approximately B.

8.        Your grade is approximately B-.

9.        Your grade is approximately C.

10.     Your grade is approximately C-.

11.     Your grade is approximately D.

12.     Your grade is approximately F.

13.     You are in danger of failing.

14.     No grades-no quizzes taken.

15.     Auditing class-no grade.



16.     Good craftsmanship in projects.

17.     You show talent & originality.

18.     Test &/ or quiz grades are low.

19.     Major deadline approaching.

20.     Assignments turned in incomplete.

21.     Major assignment not turned in.

22.     Assignments are late-Pts deducted.

23.     Classwork not completed.

24.     Test grades missing.

25.     One or more lab reports missing.



26.     Professionalism/commitment shown.

27.     You stay on task in group work.

28.     Good workplace skills

29.     Your conduct is good.

30.     Definite seriousness of purpose.

31.     You show good teamwork.

32.     You show signs of leadership.

33.     You are enthusiastic in class.

34.     You cooperate in class.

35.     You show initiative & talent.

36.     You participate well in class.

37.     You have excellent work habits.

38.     You work well independently.

39.     You use class time effectively.



40.     Workplace skills need to improve.

41.     Take responsibility for clean up.

42.     Immature behavior demonstrated

43.     Occasionally disruptive in class.

44.     Often disruptive in class.

45.     You distract others in class.

46.     Easily distracted from learning.

47.     You seem inattentive in class.

48.     You act disrespectful of authority.

49.     Participate more in class.



50.     Your effort is good.

51.     Recent work shows improvement.

52.     Good comprehension of material.

53.     You are a conscientious student.

54.     Just doing enough to get by.



55.     Your effort is inconsistent.

56.     Not working up to potential.

57.     Deterioration in effort.

58.     Little or no effort to learn.

59.     Use class time better.

60.     Unprepared for class too often.

61.     Problems following directions.

62.     Work at memorization skills.

63.     You need to work on vocabulary.



64.     Notebook missing or poor quality.

65.     Written work needs improvement.

66.     Good journal/notebook/log.

67.     Use writing conference room!

68.     Keep reading assignments current.

69.     Need to meet timed writing goal.



70.     Homework is high quality.

71.     Homework incomplete.

72.     Homework late-points deducted.

73.     Homework missing-Points deducted.

74.     Homework essential to pass course.

75.     Make-up work available.

76.     Make-up work not done.



77.     Good laboratory skills.

78.     Poor laboratory skills need work.

79.     Good use of materials.

80.     You do not use materials properly.

81.     Make use of open studio time.

82.     Tutoring needed for this class.

83.     Academics must become priority.

84.     Not changing for PE often enough.

85.     Your accuracy is poor.

86.     Keyboarding technique is  poor.

87.     Academic detention not served.

88.     Parents, please call about this course..

89.     Incomplete work-Absent-Check handbook!

90.     You are a pleasure to teach.

91.     Congratulations & good luck!

92.     Good communication skills!

93.     Good organizational skills!

94.     Verb sheets missing or poor.

95.     Culture points missing.

96.     Use academic support effectively!

97.     Ineffective use of academic support.

98.     Transfer student no grades yet.