College Recommendation Info Sheet


Please submit the following information:


  1. Current Transcript
  2. Senior Sheet
  3. Answers to the following questions
    1. What type of learning experiences give you real satisfaction?
    2. What subject areas do you find best suit your personality or learning style and why so?
    3. Which subjects or topics do you believe you encounter the most difficulty with? Explain why.
  1. Addressed envelopes to colleges with applicable postage affixed.
  2. Write a comprehensive evaluation for yourself in this course. You want to lose any shred of modesty you might have and take this opportunity to accentuate what makes you a good student, and what you might see as flaws. Be sure to include the following:
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
    3. Any changes this course has brought to your study habits
    4. How you feel intellectually about your

                                                               i.      Class participation

                                                              ii.      Lab work

                                                            iii.      Study habits

                                                            iv.      Creativity

                                                             v.      Motivation

                                                            vi.      Academic curiosity

Be sure to hash these ideas out on paper. Iím not looking for any one line declarations here.


I remind all students who ask for recommendations that the entire process is a two way street.Ifyour evaluation is not done with care I will not feel as responsible to do my best either.