June 12, 2007

contest_dalton.jpgMy hope is that you can use this website as a resource to help yourself along during the year while enrolled in physics. Most information is presented in a calendar format under the assignments link. Here you will find selected readings, weekly homework assignments, and printable assignments.  In addition I have the powerpoint lectures from class online so that you can review them at your own pace.

This year I am using an online homework service to give you more feedback for your homework. My hope is that this will allow you to work out problems individually and allow you to collaborate on how to solve them. You can login to the site at University of Texas. I am planning to craft a page to detail more of the specifics for you.

Many of you have built virtual bridges with the West Point Bridge Designer installed in the Math/Sci computer lab. You can continue to refine your designs at home by downloading the latest 2005 program from the WPBD contest website. You may now submit your designs and be eligible to qualify for the semi-final round.

Check out the Virtual Lab where I have assembled an amalgamation of neat applets and shockwave modules. Some of these we will use in class, and at times you will be asked to investigate them as assignments. Some are just neat to goof around with.

What does everyone really care about? Grades. It's a chance for you and your parents to look at your progress in class. I hope to have marking term dates posted so as to give everyone a heads up as to our grading timeline.

Interested in the High School Physics Photo Contest? Win yourself $100 and your teacher another $100 towards physics geek supplies. Check out the AAPT page that details the specifics of the contest.

Now that I have my digital camera figured out along with photoshop, I'd like to post pictures from my former students physics projects in addition to this year's events! The link now has photos from the first annual cardboard boat regatta at Newton North's pool. Check it out to see the winners and the sinkers.

Some students have started to ask about those things called recommendations! Be sure to first ask me if I'm willing to do a recommendation for you, and download the form I ask all students to fill out. It's just a little bit more about you so that I have a better picture who you are as a person outside of my classroom. The more effort you put into the endeavor, the more likely I am to put an honest effort into your letter.

Want to get in touch with me? Click on the contact link and it will give you a page of options for going about it.